Outdoor Kitchens

Are the concrete countertops poured on-site or are they preformed?

We prefer to pour the concrete countertops on-site. By doing so, it saves on time in making the template and forming as well as avoiding seams in your concrete countertop.

How soon will we be able to use our concrete countertop?

Concrete Countertops take approximately 25 days to cure, but you will be able to use it the day it is poured and after it is sealed.

Will concrete countertops stain if something is spilled on them?

Our concrete is a composite product. It is harder and stronger than regular concrete and is sealed in order to prevent staining. We recommend cleaning any spills as soon as possible from the concrete countertops. Sealing concrete countertops is recommended annually.

Concrete is very heavy. Will there need to be additional support?

No. Your cabinets are more than sufficient to support concrete countertops.

How does the price compare to other countertop surfaces?

Prices for concrete countertops are less than granite, corian, and limestone. Prices are typically in the $85 -$90 per square foot range. Standard backsplashes start at $20 per linear foot.

Concrete Floors

Whats the #1 reason people polish concrete?

Residential – for it’s beauty.
Commercial & Retail – for its trendy upscale look
Institutional – for its reduced maintenance and eco friendly

Can you polish an existing concrete slab?

Yes, if you are tired of the old look of carpet and floorboards and you want a fresh new look polish the concrete underneath providing a new, contemporary, low maintenance floor. The overall look will depend upon the type of concrete of the slab, the aggregate density and the state and level of damage to the concrete floor.

How much does polished concrete cost?

The price varies according to the condition of the slab, the size of the area, the level of grinding required, the aggregate exposure desired and the final finishing sealer. Polished concrete is a cost effective alternative comparable to timber, tiles, carpet, vinyl, pavers, etc.

Residential – starting at $5/sqf installed. Stains, guards will be extra
Retail/ Commercial – starting at $4/sqf installed. Stains, guards will be extra

Are polished floors slippery, especially at the higher gloss levels? What about when they get wet?

No. Wet or dry, high gloss polished concrete is not slippery. All floors meet or exceed the OSHA standard .5 static coefficients of slip resistance whether wet or dry. The slip resistance of the polished floor will be the same as your original concrete slab.

How long do polished concrete floors last?

Polished concrete is one of the most durable flooring solutions in the market. Assuming no topical sealers or coatings are used, your floor will be stronger than the existing concrete slab. Once we apply a densifier, which increases the strength of the existing concrete, you can expect your floor to last and look good for 10- 20 years, depending on the amount of traffic the floor receives.

How is polished concrete cleaned? Is it easy to maintain?

The maintenance costs are the most economical aspect of polished concrete. They are simply cleaned with either soap and water, or just water. The floors are very easy to sweep and there is no place for dirt to accumulate. You cannot use heavy duty cleaning agents to clean polished concrete floors.

Watch this video for some great information on how to maintain your polished concrete floors.